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Why We Work

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We work because we are created to work.

Try not doing something. Even thinking is work. Sometimes hard work. We think, we imagine, we do. We have the tools, our hands and back and feet and we have a mind which is potentially our greatest tool. It’s impossible not to work. It is intrinsically human to work. The question is not to work or not to work, the question is, what are we doing? And what are we working for? Perhaps a better way of asking the question is: what are we working TOWARDS? What are YOU working towards?

I started this Blog because I want to affect the quality of work in organizations in the purest sense. And it is what we are working TOWARDS that affects the quality of our work and of our worklife. History is replete with examples of people who felt completely incomplete, after having hooked their wagon to the $$$$ star, only to find that “stuff’ wasn’t where it’s at. There is more to your worklife and I want to help you find it. And what it is for you isn’t what it is for me. But we each need to be aligned with something greater than ourselves, to be fulfilled in what we do. And I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t seeking a meaningful existence. We just seem to be “hard-wired” that way.

As a Christian, I believe that each of us is created in the image of God and that we EACH have specific, unique talents and skills that are intended for a specific purpose. (Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” addresses this directly.) This purpose, once identified is what ignites our passion, giving us enthusiasm. (Enthusiasm comes from en-theos, which means in- God).

When you form a company or organzation, you are creating something “bigger than yourself” and you need to bring people together in pursuit of the purpose you identify. You need to bring people together who agree or align with that purpose, whose own purpose is similar. As you accomplish this you achieve real excellence, and the JOY of work is its own reward.

So the big question for you is “what are you working towards?”

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