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Vision- BHAG- whatever

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My view, in my work as an organizational effectiveness consultant, I stress that truly effective organizations are “purpose driven” and “vision focused”. Purpose is all about why it exists. “What is your company’s impact in the world?” How does it’s presence make a difference? I have a client, an emerging US manufacturer (now that is something we don’t see every day), whose purpose is: to help our customer’s to grow and save money. This purpose took about two months to identify. Another is “to help our clients achieve their goals”. This client is a law firm. A law FIRM!!!. Note that the purpose is to help their clients achieve ALL the client’s goals not just the legal ones. A purpose like that, should and does drive behavior- and should and does justify it. A great purpose gives an overarching organizational foundation for all behavior and is the “tap root” for all Outcome Based job descriptions. So “purpose” is the driving force of the organization internally.

Vision on the other hand is the target of the company’s interim goals and marketing and gives clarity and definition to all of its external initiatives. All of these external initiatives must be informed by the vision and align with it. Each of the departments should have a vision, a clear picture, as what they need to look like and how they need to operate, in the fulfillment of the company’s vision.

The VIVID description, another key part of the vision, will naturally FUEL this activity as it will describe in detail the major outcomes and accomplishments of the company in the various departments. It will describe in detail how it will all look when it is complete.
Here is an example:

Vivid Description: With our intimate knowledge of our customers we will provide products and services so valuable that we are considered an integral member of their team that they cannot live without. We will collaborate in a way that creates a tremendous competitive advantage to our customers. This competitive advantage will come from providing innovative products to the market faster than anyone, at the greatest value to the customer, and with quality that exceeds the consumer’s expectations. Great customers will seek us out. Our halls will be filled with awards and testimonials bestowed upon us by our customers and suppliers. Our culture and environment will attract the most passionate, committed, and highest achieving people in our industry. Our employees live our core values. We are proud of our accomplishments but are never satisfied with the status quo. We will continuously improve in every way, everyday.

You can see an HR vision in there can’t you? and what is this customer intimacy and how is that a sales strategy? What is the operational paradigm required for this vision?

So you can see how this can all work- Can you also see how this is “control” before the fact?
Liberating AND controlling. HMMMM.