The RIGHT Mix of Control and Freedom

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The RIGHT Mix of Control and Freedom

The RIGHT Mix of Control and Freedom

Level 5 leadership, according to the research conducted in the book “Good To Great- Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins, is the product of two main ingredients of character: Humility and Strong Professional Will. Humility as we have discovered in previous postings, is having an “accurate” perception of yourself, and your strengths and your weaknesses. It’s about being “teachable” and having the ego that allows you to change your mind when the evidence is clear. Strong Professional Will is really perseverance, stick-to-it-tiveness, endurance, unremitting continuance, a never-give-up in achieving the ultimate vision .

When these two character traits exist in the “boss”, people have a leader that they can count on, and one they know will seek to empower them. They know where they’re going (BHAG), why they are going (Purpose), and the basic framework exists for making decisions along the way (Values). When people are informed in this way they are either motivated beyond description, or are ready to “check out” because they just don’t “get it” and don’t want to. (They don’t align.)

When people who align with the organization and have the knowledge and skill ( or the aptitude to obtain it) they are self managing. They just don’t need a manager very often. They may need a teacher, or someone to answer their questions, but they don’t require “supervision” in the modern-day sense. They need someone who will anticipate their performance needs, and be just one step ahead of them in making sure those needs are met. They need a sounding board, a confidant, someone who will look out for their performance interests and make sure they’re met.

Some managers have a problem even envisioning this type of scenario because they feel like they will not have the control they need to meet their management accountability. But this is a myth.

They will have more real control than they ever thought possible, because results will conform to or exceed the plan.

Control, by definition, is defined as: the things we do to make sure results conform to plan.

A group of highly committed, highly confident, well trained, aligned people, will perform at a very high level, oftentimes EXCEEDING expectations without a lot of direct oversight.

But you say to me, “Jeff, you don’t know the people I have to work with.” You’re right. There is no substitute for the right people. The cliché goes like this: It’s easier to hire the right person than to train the wrong one.. As my friend Dudley Hawkey says, “It’s tough to make fine furniture, if the wood has knots in it.”

The right people (not people, the right people) are the most important asset.

The good news is that laying the foundation and setting up the relevant systems to find and keep th right people is something, I can help you do. E-mail me to set up a phone call to discuss how. .