The PROCESS of Transformation

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The PROCESS of Transformation

“The Book Good to Great, Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins, is long on ingredients but short on methodology.

The ideas of Purpose, Passion, Level 5 Leadership, Values, discipline, being the Best In The World at something, and the (Stockdale) paradox between hope and realism are all there in the research, but most of the executives I know, having read the book, are at a loss as to how to proceed.

Make no mistake making the Leap is no easy thing, If it were easy more than 11 companies would have made the Leap to that elite status of perpetual performance that lasted 15 or more successive years.

The easy thing to do is say, “this was just a fluke, it isn’t really possible, duplicating will take a miracle”.

If this is what you think, you are, of course, defeated already. And remember the first line of the book, “Good is the enemy of Great.” And it is.

No, making the leap is not impossible but there is an order, and methodology, but there is no cookie cutter, “stamp it out” template. With each company I work with, I am consistent, as the characteristics and aspects of greatness that I seek to bring to the organization are not negotiable. But the methodology changes based on the organization.

Each organization is in a different state, and each one must make it’s own way through the process. What I do is preserve the core of the greatness DNA, but the processes are in flux because after-all we are re-building the plane while it is in the air.

The core principals are the chapters in the book- First Who then What, Level 5 Leadership, The Hedgehog Concept, ( a rather lame label I think) etc are not negotiable.

But I always start with an assessment of the current organization, it’s people, products, organization and market. This tells me where to begin.

After I form this assessment (which I have created for the transformation process) I produce a report that I present to the owner or CEO which we discuss in detail.

What I do next depends on that discussion. There is only ONE thing that must always be true:

The owners or leader of the organization must make a firm commitment for 6 months, for us to work together and toward the process of transformation. If this commitment isn’t made I will produce the assessment and I may do some work for the organization or a project. But I will not pursue “greatness” without a committment. And I should add one more thing: No company which has made this six month committment, has stopped after that six months are over. In fact, the progress we make and the improvements are so tangible, that another six months has happened every time.

Jeffrey A Pelletier

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