The President’s Inaugural Address

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The President’s Inaugural Address

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The President’s Inaugural Speech

As a Organizational Effectiveness Consultant I get to have, as they used to say, “odd hours”. This week my schedule permitted me to watch the inaugural of President Bush as he took the oath of office. I was very proud and glad that Bush won and I spent a good deal of time helping him to get re-elected.

One of the main reasons for that time and effort is that he is “presidential” in his view of the office. He thinks like a President. He has codified in his mind a set of IMMOVEABLE principals, an internal compass, some bedrock beliefs, and from these he never wavers. He might change tactically, but as he has been quoted as saying his “strategery” remains the same. While a great many people have criticized him, and his folksiness is interpreted as a lack of intelligence, Bush has the traits of Level 5. He is humble and has a very strong desire to accomplish what he sets out to do.

This practice is found in ALL 11 of the Great organizations found in the book, “Good to Great”, by Jim Collins.

In the book it’s called “preserve the core, but stimulate progress. And one of the defining things about GREAT organizations is that they LIVE their core beliefs and they do not waver from them, but they are constantly adapting and growing. They all have a BHAG that comes out of what they’re passionate about and what they be the best in the world at. But back to Bush.

In his speech, President Bush did two powerful things:

He defined his Big Hairy Audacious Goal for the country, something that ALL the great organizations have. And he focused one of his CORE beliefs as he also clarified his vision.

One of the President’s CORE beliefs is that evil is real and that it must be resisted, especially when it comes to America’s interests. This is a theme he has repeated over and over. He had defined the evil enemy as TERROR.

But in the inaugural speech, he further defined the EVIL enemy. He now sees the enemy as TYRANNY, who’s main TOOL is TERROR!!!! By saying that we are against tyranny and will seek to ultimately (a key word that people have overlooked) eliminate it, he has BOTH focussed his core belief against evil, and identified, with clarity, the REAL ENEMY and it’s schematic.

Tyranny is DESPOTISM, absolute rule, and THAT is the force that destroys humanity and dominates and oppresses others for the sake of those who rule. It is what the Terrorists seek to impose on those they rule and it was what the Iraqi people were under until we liberated them from the tyrant, Saddam Hussein. Tyranny is what we fought against in our own revolution. It is something that America understands. And FREEDOM is the anti-dote.

So like him or not, (and many people hate him- a sign he knows what he believes), he is a Level 5 Leader.