The Power of Commitment

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The Power of Commitment

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Becoming a great organization has one undeniable aspect, one bedrock principle, one single beginning point, that if not grasped, if ignored or denied, then greatness will not occur.


Without this one fundamental principle in place, you will not succeed. Now, all that said, commitment, by itself will not guarantee greatness, but without it you cannot succeed.

Here’s why. Transformation is what becoming great is all about. Just like a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly, so an organization moves from being good to great. It takes a great deal of time for the caterpillar to transform to a butterfly. It requires a great deal of patience, waiting.

Now, imagine if for that transformation to a occur a group of caterpillars all needed to join together. THAT’S why transformation is so difficult and so rarely accomplished. That’s why COMMITMENT is so key.


With one group of executives, we spent the first three sessions deciding if we were going to pursue the process!!! I wasn’t going to let them proceed until they EACH made a personal commitment to the process. Why? because nobody gives their best to something if they don’t psychologically own what they are about to do. That’s what commitment is: Psychological Ownership.

When I went to Graduate school, I went through a Modular program with 29 other people. After the very first class someone quit saying “I can’t do this its too difficult!”. At the end of three years only 16 of the 29 had actually completed their degrees. I will admit at age 45, it seemed pretty difficult to me too. But I had so committed to the process that the experience actually turned out to be the most significant professional experience of my life, because I owned the process.