The Key Components of the Transformation Process

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The Key Components of the Transformation Process

Organization Component

Best Practices


Purpose helps determine and define the “Value Proposition” This is among the preserve the core components of “Good to Great”- Question- Why does this organization exist? How would the world be worse off if it DIDN’T exist? How is the world better BECAUSE it exists?

Values- (what we truly believe)

The other half of the CORE. As practiced, they ARE the culture of the company- Should align with and support the PURPOSE, They are beliefs, bedrock principles, morals, of the organization and should be those of the Primary Shareholders-Stakeholders.

Methods- Cultural Assessment, Observation, Interviews

The RIGHT people

Find and retain the CORE people and also those in key positions, who align with PURPOSE, practice the Values, and want to work for YOUR company or organization.

Targeted recruiting, clarity, (see specific expectations.)

Specific Expectations

  • Jobs that fulfill the company’s purpose- ( a job’s purpose should justify its existence.)
  • Outcome based job descriptions- that serve the purpose and accomplish company goals.
  • Individual Performance Outcomes/Goals
  • Department Outcomes/Goals
  • Organizational Outcomes/Goals

Goals are subordinated to company goals, vision and value proposition, if one exists.

Systems and Processes that continuously improve, consolidate, reduce, redact, renew.

Business Support System Process Engineering, Production Systems Process Engineering, Sales Process Engineering, Marketing Process Engineering, Recruiting Systems, People Improvement Systems.

Six Sigma. Toyota System.


A crystal clear picture of the end state of your company or organization. May be formed inductively or deductively. Inductive Visions occur as we build the company and is the SUM of what we learn as we build. (Build the plane as we fly it, and then determine our destination.) Many business owners are in this place and inductive vision is ok too. Deductive Vision (for true visionaries) is clearly seen at the beginning of the process and is the end point we build towards. (A Blue Print) But many true Visionaries struggle with the patience and tactics to fulfill their vision. In either case CLARITY is king.

Preserve the Core

Stimulate Progress

The most difficult piece- constant improvement is a key to BEST PRACTICES at every level, so we never arrive. Constant Curiosity, Continuous Questioning, while we defend the CORE aggressively.

There is much to actually accomplishing transformation, but when you look at it as a process and then over time, a continuous process you can build a great organization. It may not become big, but it can become and remain, great.