The Importance of Clarity

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The Importance of Clarity

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When I sit with a potential client who wears glasses, even reading glasses, I ask him or her to take them off and tell me how well they view the world or the page. I ask them if they can see clearly. Nearly every time the answer is no, or not as well as with the glasses. What is the moral? When it comes to vision, CLARITY is everything!!! A simple powerful exercise. Without clarity it is a lot less likely you’ll succeed. If your vision isn’t;t clear and if it’s not explained clearly to your people, you’re putting roadblocks in the road to your success.

More than any other single thing, the book “Good to Great, Why Some Companies Make The Leap and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins, is about CLARITY.

The 11 companies arrived at clarity about some key organizational components that really set them apart.

First they are clear about why they exist- Their purpose statement defines the “soul” of the organization and will never change.

Second, they are clear about that on which they base their decisions- The Core Values. While these also never change, they are articulated in the present tense as they are not platitudes or ideals, they are what you actually believe in the here and now.

Third these organizations are clear about where their passion lies.

Fourth, they know what they can be the best in the world at.

Fifth, they are clear about how they will impact the world and have done the hard work of articulating, specifically how the world will be different because they exist.

This clarity makes a good deal else seem relatively easier and simple as opposed to complex and difficult.

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Jeffrey A Pelletier