The Global Leadership Summit 2012

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The Global Leadership Summit 2012

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Last Thursday and Friday (Aug 10,11, 2012) I attended The Global Leadership Summit  at a satellite location here in Minnesota. 

The Willow Creek Association did a great job as usual. Bill Hybels is an amazing leader and did tremendous job presenting really high quality content and Guests from Jim Collins of Good to Great to Condaleeza Rice to Patrik Lencioni  and many others.  All were very inspirational and informative.

But if you are an emerging company and really aspire to excellence you came away with a nagging question:

Welcome to Becoming Great!  We specialize in helping emerging companies with viable product or services, to fulfill their potential in the marketplace.  Our 40 + collective years of success can be brought to bear with out consulting  model that we’ve constructed from our own analysis of Jim Collins’ work studying greatness.

From finding the RIGHT people, to discovering your organization’s core purpose and REAL values, to creating  and implementing the people systems that get your there, we help companies become great!

Why? Because the world needs more great companies…don’t you think?

Check us out on LinkedIN to learn about us and visit our web site. To get started on the journey, contact me  or call Jeff  651-492-8540 or or call Paul-612-244-1154