Synthesis-The New Paradigm to Becoming Great!

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Synthesis-The New Paradigm to Becoming Great!

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I’ve written previously about a book I highly recommend called “Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations” by David Warsh. In this book Mr. Warsh chronicles the development of economics as a way of thinking and expressing the way we humans relate in the buying, selling, investing realm of life. Please read this book for your own enjoyment and edification. By doing so you will gain the opportunity that comes from enlightenment. It will shift or firm your paradigm depending on where your thinking currently resides. That is, of course if you are seeking understanding. If you already know everything, fahgetaboutit, you’re wasting your time.

I sum up the need the book’s understanding points to in this way:

We must engage and pursue “synthesis” if we want to avoid our products and service from becoming “commodities”. Synthesis is an old word but it has specific application in our corporate interactions.

1. the combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity (opposed to analysis).

2. a complex whole formed by combining sub elements in a new way.

3. Chemistry. the forming or building of a more complex substance or compound from elements or simpler compounds.

4. Biology. modern synthesis.

5. Psychology, Psychiatry. the integration of traits, attitudes, and impulses to create a total personality.

Examples synthesis are:

Rayon, Nylon and Polyester- Cloth from OIL!!!!! How did they get an oil molecule to become a FABRIC? Synthesis.

Synthetic oil- Synthetic oil is oil consisting of chemical compounds which were not originally present in crude oil (petroleum) but were artificially made (synthesized) from other compounds. Synthetic oil could be made to be a substitute for petroleum or specially made to be a substitute for a lubricant oil such as conventional (or mineral) motor oil refined from petroleum. When synthetic oil is made as a substitute for lubricant refined from petroleum, it is generally to provide superior mechanical and chemical properties than that found in traditional mineral oils.

Synthesis does not require that we think outside the box, it requires that we destroy the box. Also and more importantly, it DOES require, in my view, the “governor” of a moral compass. Because when truly embraced, I believe the process of synthesis removes boundaries. While this is “freeing” it is also potentially dangerous. We must provide a moral, ethical, values-based context within which to synthesize.


  • The Law of Unintended Consequences is always at work.
  • Left to our own devices history has proven that we degrade our choices when we don’t impose a set of principles “beyond” ourselves. (The Bill of Rights is a great example of these, as is our Constitution, as it gives our “freedom” a context).
  • Look at what happened in Russia when the Communists fell as opposed to the “transition” occuring in China. Russis leaped, China is transitioning.

Synthesis includes innovation and creativity but it is more about outcomes than process and in my view more intentional.
Want to learn to synthesize?