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Real Time Empowerment

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Real Time Empowerment

Empowerment comes from the Greek word endunamis. En means in, with, by, and dunamis means ability, power, fortitude, sustainability, so a raw translation would be “with or by power or ability”. People who are empowered have two kinds of ability or power:

Competence- The person has the skill, talent, ability, and know-how (experience) to do the job.
Character- They align with the Values and Purpose of the organization for which they work- so they represent YOUR interests.
Chemistry- Rapport, how well you “get along with” someone.

Jack Welch, in his book “Winning”, says that there are four kinds of managers. Those who don’t perform well but align well (have the character contained) with the organization’s Purpose and Values, those who perform well but who don’t align with the Purpose and Values, those who don’t perform well and don’t align with the Purpose and Values and those who perform well and align with the Purpose and Values.

He says that the RIGHT managers are the last group, that is, the managers who perform well (get results) and align. The ones who don’t do either one are obviously NOT the right managers. The ones who don’t perform well but align, he says should get some mentoring and training, and the last group, those who don’t align but who perform well, are THE most difficult people to let go, and the most dangerous to your culture. We all have seen people who could produce but who just didn’t “fit”. They are disruptions culturally but we “cut them some slack” because they produce.

But Mr Welch asserts that NOT changing these managers who perform well (financially) but buck the culture, is the most tempting thing to do. Because these people get results. This is a hidden danger. But the fact is that alignment with culture, (Values and Purpose) is more important. Mr. Welch’s belief about this fact is found in the idea that he recommends training, mentoring, and development for the manager who aligns but is not performing. As for the manager who doesn’t align with the purpose and values of the organization the question is and should be: Why would you even think of keeping someone who is NOT in alignment and does NOT get results? Seems like a no brainer, but most people know that there are these types of managers who continue to work in organizations. Some of them have tenure because they are loyal, some of them are just “liked” and some of them are just pitied. But NONE of them are effective.

If you want to make the Leap from good to great, you must understand this:

There IS NO substitute for the RIGHT people operating your business. And the RIGHT people are BOTH competent and align fully with your PURPOSE and VALUES which are the foundation of your organization. The Right People are placed on this foundation. Empowerment is all about trust, because at the end of the day we only trust those people who can do the job and whom we know have our’s or the companies best interest at heart, as well as their own, and who make decisions with your values “in view”.

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