People and Vision — Vision and People

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People and Vision — Vision and People

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I was sitting down with a business owner the other day listening to him tell me about the problems he was having with his employees. He went on about the this one showing up late every day and that one won’t get off the phone and this other one was always complaining about something.

As I listened to him it occurred to me to say to him, “Say, who hired all these idiots?’

Of course I didn’t say it out loud.

As my friend Dudley Hawkey used to say, “Jeff, it’s tough to make fine furniture if the wood has knots in it.”

How true. In the book, “Good to Great” by Jim Collins having the RIGHT PEOPLE comes before vision, because the right people will construct and OWN the vision, exponentially making it reality, thereby improving your chances for success.

If you’d like help finding the right people contact me.

Jeff Pelletier