On Becoming Great!- Why Are You in Business?

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On Becoming Great!- Why Are You in Business?

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If you own a business it is vital that you know why you are in business. Your business’ Core Purpose should tell you.   Your purpose is not your mission statement- in fact I am against mission statements per se`. I am a Good to Great practioner, if you go to my consulting web site Becoming Great you can see the entirety of how I help companies, so I won’t go into it here. But your organization’s purpose answers two questions- how is the world different because your company exists and how would the world be different if it didn’t exist? There is a dialogue that must occur between you and I to get to what your company’s purpose is because just answering those questions is not enough. We must do a rendering process once the questions have been answered—to get to the CORE purpose of your enterprise. But you get the idea-  Your company needs to have a core purpose because your company’s purpose drives everything you DO, all the work, all the goals, all the products or services are validated against this CORE purpose. Want an example? The Disney corporation’s Core Purpose—”to make people happy”- have you seen anything from Disney that had hate or horror or defeat in it? No, they let their core purpose drive their movies, their theme parks- you get the idea. So what is yours?


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Rob Severson

May 17, 2010 at 5:18 pm

My core purpose is to help other people via my business financing coaching as well as speaking gigs for individuals.
I think every business needs an others' centered goal to be successful