On Becoming Great! To Build Trusted Brands

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On Becoming Great! To Build Trusted Brands

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This  above title is the Core Purpose of a Sales and Marketing company called The Village Company. No, not the Village People, The Village Company.   I can remember working with Frank Klasanich, President and CEO and going through this process of identifying the Core Purpose of the company.  As you read about the companies in Jim Collins book “Good to Great -Why Some Companies Make The Leap and Others Don’t”,  one of the key traits was a core purpose and core values. In my consulting practice one area I focus on is helping the organizations I work with to discover their core purpose.  (Notice I said discover.) A company’s core purpose is its driving force, it focuses its work, and it is its primary, long-term on-going outcome and should last 100 years according to Collins’ study.  I’m testing the study in the marketplace to see if Collins is right. So far the results are great. So as Frank was thinking through the core purpose idea, he kept coming back to the concept of what he called “the love spot”, that the products (they sell personal care products) should touch the consumer in a way that made them connect emotionally.  This idea blossomed and grew into trust.  Today,  The Village Company‘s  Core Purpose is “To Build Trusted Brands”. This guides their product development, their acquisitions (they purchased Mr Bubble), and helps them to make decisions about how they market and advertise.  They are in a growth curve that is quite impressive because they let that purpose work FOR them and the team there lives it out.  But the reason that core purpose works for them is that it essentially was already there… we just discovered it.  Does your company or non-profit have a Core Purpose?  It should.

Jeff Pelletier