On-Becoming Great! The Selection Process and Non Profits-

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On-Becoming Great! The Selection Process and Non Profits-

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There is a myth that somehow non-profits are not as effective as their for-profit counterparts.  I call this a myth because it is fundamentally untrue.  The failure rate of non-profits and for-profits are almost identical.  Conversely what causes success is very much the same also. In both cases the RIGHT people are key and are the beginning of becoming great.

But the right people can only be found with a strong leader who is willing to instill a rigorous selection process that will match people first with the Core Purpose and Values and then to the job outcomes that cause success.  The West Suburban Teen Clinics are such an example.

At the request of Executive Director Leah Hebert I recently initiated “The Selection Process” a comprehensive “Becoming Great” program that teaches hiring managers to find the RIGHT people for job openings that occur in the organization.  Leah understands, to her credit, that her and her department heads’ effectiveness as leaders and managers is to fundamental degree a result of the Competence, Character and Chemistry (c) of the people they select to work there.  We conducted a three and one-half hour seminar which was followed up by a certification test designed to improve retention of the training her people received.

Based on the work Leah has done in identifying WSTC’s Core Purpose, and Core Values, and her commitment to “Selection”, the future looks bright at West Suburban Teen Clinics.