Momentum- a key to Becoming Great

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Momentum- a key to Becoming Great

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This idea of the flywheel in the Good To Great Companies is something to really grasp. Many charismatic, dynamic “Leaders” can make a big show about a great idea. They give a great speech, announcing that “from now on”…… thus and so will be the case. Then, a month later, everybody, including the Boss has forgotten it.

This, “dropping the ball”, works for a while with people, and they’ll forgive you, but after about the third or fourth time with no follow-through, they just give you a show of enthusiasm, then, wait you out.

The bigger the change, the longer it takes. That’s the rule of thumb. Big changes involve big companies and lots of people. And those big changes take BIG time.

But even in an organization of ONE, it takes time.

In each of us there are two conflicting forces at work: The need and desire to grow and improve, and the need for things to stay the same.

This need for things to stay the same, wins, in most people. Homostasis is my word for it and it means “same state or condition”. This is the need that interrogators exploit when they want to get people to talk. They observe the routine of the prisoner and they “get them out of their comfort zone”. They wake them up at odd hours, give them more or less to eat. Find out what colors they DON’T like and give them things in those colors. They try to take away this “comfort”. This need for homo-stasis keeps us SANE. We buy the same brand of soap, cars, travel the same route to work, eat the same foods, and changing these is hard because we need things we can rely on in our lives, some more than others, but we all need consistency.

The next time you find yourself on the freeway in a traffic jam, take a look around. Jever notice how people will just sit in traffic??? About 5% get off the road and start looking for a new route. 95% just sit there!!

This is where the flywheel comes in. If you want to make a change, you have to make the commitment that is necessary to cause it. You have to HOLD FAST to the new way, for about 21 repetitions in a row, before the change will take hold. THAT is what the Flywheel is all about. Because once you rotate a flywheel enough times eventually it gains momentum. Personal change and growth happens the same way.

If you want to change permanently, commit to a mimimum of 21 consecutive repetitions of the new way, and the the momentum will build and the change will “take hold”. Once it does, it will become difficult to change. THAT is how you know you are successful.

Now consider 50, 100, 1000 people all going through the same process. or 651-492-8540