Leading the Transformation

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Leading the Transformation

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You just don’t hear of very many examples of companies and organizations making the “leap” as Collins calls it, from “Good to Great”. That’s because its very difficult to do. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Greatness is measured in decades. People or organizations can a have a great year or even a great few years, but you can’t say something is great unless it lasts for a decade or more. Take Johnny Miller, the professional golfer. He had a year that was amazing, a year he is still widely praised for; in 1974 he won 8 times. He had a stretch of 15 of his 25 wins in three years, during which he won two Majors. But when you look at Jack Nicklaus or Tiger woods you see greatness. Tiger in the last 10 years has won 61 PGA Events and 13 Majors. Plus he has won 21 times in various invitationals around the world. THIS is greatness, and Tiger is only 31 years old, the age at which most golfers enter their PRIME.

In my experience, the main reason for this lack of greatness isn’t because its not possible, not at all. I see that the main reason greatness is not achieved is because it is not sought. In short, good enough is, well, good enough for most people. The main difference between those who achieve greatness and those who don’t is this: The great leaders will NOT compromise. And they are willing to pay the price; they are tenacious, yet at the same time it’s NOT about them. The great organizations don’t have a unique product, but they have uniqueness in their approach. They are defined. They have CLARITY. The great organizations work towards something and for something that is well beyond money, or busy-ness, and everyone who works there “gets it”.

And as I have said before, the leaders of the transformation don’t give a whit who gets the credit, and they realize that leadership done well, over time, diminishes, that is, becomes less necessary.

The components:

A well defined Purpose and Clear Values (purpose defines value proposition)

The RIGHT people- who align with the above.

Specific Expectations and Outcomes – Goals, Standards, Best Practices.

Ever Improving Processes

A Crystal Clear Vision- which describes a detailed future state- out of a core competence, a passion, and an easily understood financial ratio.

If you’re ready, let’s begin. jeff@becominggreat.com