Hiting the NEXT Wall- On Becoming Great!

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Hiting the NEXT Wall- On Becoming Great!

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Previously I wrote about how startups hit the wall .   But there is another wall that you can come to perhaps 2-3 years after you’ve overcome the first one.  When organizations hit the second wall, they tend to coast.  The second wall is called “Pretty Good”.  “Pretty Good” occurs when the results of entering the Becoming Great!TM  process start to become normalized to some degree. Perhaps the company has great people, their return on investment is much better. They can feel the momentum building. And here is the killer….finances are better, significantly.

This is a dangerous place if your goal is to become GREAT!  Great means you lead your segment, you are outperforming almost every business as a return on sales, that you are the “standard” in how you operate, that people are asking you to make speeches and you can plainly see the excellence in your organization. In short your organization is making the difference.

What can happen is that people get to “pretty good” and that becomes good enough.