Executive Management Search

Retained search — the RIGHT leaders

Here is the key: SELECT, don’t hire. When you select you must put yourself in the position of choosing from at least TWO candidates — either of which you would hire.

We match each candidate to the following criteria:

  • An Outcome Based Job Description
  • Your Core Purpose and Values
  • A person you like and can work with
  • 90 day free replacement guarantee*

We are the best in the world at executive search – and not the most expensive.

* length of time depends on fee


“You can’t make fine furniture if the wood has knots in it.”
– Dudley Hawkey

“Business is about people.”
– Jack Welch

“People are not the most important asset of your company, the RIGHT people are.”
– Jim Collins, “Good to Great”

“If it weren’t for people, management wouldn’t be all that difficult.”
– Jeff Pelletier