Don’t Settle

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Don’t Settle

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The process of greatness is born out of a desire to make a distinction in the marketplace. It begins with the idea that each person has upon his/her life a distinctiveness, a uniqueness. This uniqueness that we each have, has been provided so that we can aspire to excellence, to make a “life” contribution to make a mark in the world. When a group of like-minded people get to together and link these distinctions, and point them at a unified goal, GREATNESS happens.

This is why FIRST WHO, THEN WHAT is so important. Purpose and Values are the bedrock unifier for the organization and attract the right people, who seek that purpose or a similar purpose and align with or share the values.

Whatever vision these people set out to accomplish will not be insignificant, it will be great. (It may not be BIG, as greatness doesn’t necessarily mean big.) The reason it will be great, is that all of the normal “issues” that misaligned people deal with will be minimal or not exist. They will genuinely and instinctively recognize that they “fit” together, that they belong together, and they will feel powerful and enabled.

When you lead a company or start one, YOU are the distinctiveness of that company. If you hire a bunch of people to “help you get the job done” you will have hired a bunch of assistants with whom you will be frustrated most of the time and for whom you will do most of the thinking. This will take you only so far, unless you are one of the top 1% of the population who can “run” a company and be the source of it’s success a la Lee Iacocca at Chrysler, or Frank Purdue. But even in these cases when that leader left results waned.

Long-term highly effective companies like those identified in the book “Good To Great-Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t”, by Jim Collins, achieve that success with an empowered group of people who are exponentially more effective as a group than any one person could ever be and who form an enduring culture that lasts. Starting out this way with a new venture is not that difficult to do but the temptation to “settle” for pretty good results is still there and many do.

Assembling this ALIGNED group of people and facilitating them into a group who forms a vision based on their common Core Competence, while you operate the company, make products, deliver service etc, is like re-building the car while you are driving it.

Because this process of transformation is very difficult the temptation to give up is pretty strong. That is why I have dedicated my professional life to helping you to accomplish greatness. The number one enemy of great is…..Good.

The bottom line is DON’T SETTLE for less than greatness.

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