Do you want to help make the world GREAT?

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Do you want to help make the world GREAT?

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A great world is not a perfect world. A great world is a place where we pursue perfection with the sober-mindedness to know it is unattainable but we pursue anyway.  I know its a contradiction…that’s why it’s so powerful.  A great world is a place in which goods and services, products, and information are shared for “mutual benefit” in love. It’s the only way that works and sustains. Want proof?  Russia tried to establish an a-moral free market and they have corruption, organized crime, systemic alcoholism and prostitution.  What the world needs is a “free market” that has a moral compass. America was leading this but even here it is in decline.  But enough talk. Let’s get started.

To make the world GREAT we need great people and great companies and organizations.  We  launched “The Foundation for Excellence in Faith and Work”-  a non-profit that will accomplish three key goals that align perfectly with the world BECOMING GREAT!

Please check out our site, its goals and see if you align.  If you do..please give, as little as $5 and as much as $100,000!

Become part of making the world great.. will you help? Go here   Thank you. May you be blessed beyond measure.