Coaching Your People to Effectiveness

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Coaching Your People to Effectiveness

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Coaching, the day to day management of people is the incremental process of improving your organizations effectiveness and a lost art.
Good coaching begins with specific expectations, or outcomes that people are pointed at in accomplishing their job. These expectations should cascade down from the Vision and be driven by the Purpose of the company. There should be NO WASTE in the expectations you have of the people you supervise. Expectations should move the business forward, and help the person grow. They should be clear, concise, doable and as Ken Blanchard says, able to be expressed in less than a minute. In fact I’ve developed a process of writing job descriptions that will actually guide you as a manager in defining and setting day to day or week to week expectations.

I call them Outcome Based Job Descriptions.

There will be mistakes as people grow of course and those mistakes are entirely permissible and necessary if people are going to learn and grown. In fact, Bill Pollard the Chairman of 3 billion dollar Service Master asserts that “there is no attaining to potential without grace.”
Grace is when you “permit” failure in the pursuit of improvement. Grace is a vital part of the improvement process. The idea is to define the “playing field” the degree of authority you give so that these mistakes don’t harm the business.

But getting back to expectation. If you have a great “selection process” you will have great people, and if you have great people, you will exponentially empower yourself as a leader. So for expectations to work, and they should, you must have the RIGHT people. Expectations, good ones, define the result and the accomplishment you want from people and provide a context that allows you to give people the freedom they need to add value- or move the business forward.
So good coaches give the right people specific expectation as the beginning of the coaching process.