Becoming Great- Why OUTCOMES??

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Becoming Great- Why OUTCOMES??

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If you’ve read anything of this blog you understand that I focus on OUTCOMES.
A key outcome for my clients is teaching them to write Outcome Based Job Descriptions. If you’re “up-to-speed” you also know that the prevailing wisdom in HR is that this is “unfair”. Performance is the key. (Doing things correctly.)


In my work with customers and business owners outcomes, results are what matter.

I first understood this when a supervisor or business owner sent a subordinate to “training” and they came back and the business got virtually nothing from it. The business had invested between $300 and $500 and the person had been out of the business for a day, ( another $200-$500) and the business is hardly effected by the training. This is quite a point of frustration as you can imagine.
What I noticed is that the skills or knowledge wasn’t, in the end, targeted, pointed at, having a genuine business effect. So of course no effect was achieved. DUH!

As I examined that fact I looked at performance management systems, and performance evaluations and training plans and I noticed that none of them had measureable business impact as their GOAL.

This epiphany caused me to discover the following principle: Outcomes drive processes, training, valuations, and behavior in general. And here’s a secret, being Outcome driven is, by nature LEAN. If I want to get to San Francisco, a destination is an outcome) I plan the shortest, cheapest route I can, to get there in the least time, with the most return. Lean.

Performance based job descriptions are NOT Outcome Based, although HR gurus want you to think that.
This is a new paradigm—- it works WONDERS.
Jeff Pelletier, MA
Helping people and organizations fulfill their potential.