Becoming Great- “Value Added”

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Becoming Great- “Value Added”

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  • There is much talk in business circles about “adding value”. There are basically two ways of looking at this idea of Adding Value. In the one hand, is the big picture, marketing, advertising view of enticing the customer to buy, to package and price and structure your product and services in a way that the customer perceives as valuable.
  • On the other hand is the internal, operational view that drives cash flow and earnings.

While both are important let’s look at the second one.

Adding value, operationally means this: doing things operationally, that increase revenue, or improve efficiency. It is vital that you define this term because it is used a lot nowadays. I have expanded it to include the cost side as well as the revenue side. I have done this so that your officeproductionsupport team will see that they have a huge responsibility and an opportunity to “add value”. Being clear about this definition gives it power, and authority. As I have written in other postings clarity is a key to understanding.

So when a marketing person or sales person has an idea, ask them, “How will this add value?

And when you observe support staff or production folks doing something in the “same old way”, ask them the question, “how does the way you do that add value”?

The power, the influence,lies within the question. Asking it repeatedly , and often will create in people the “dissonance” (inner conflict) to answer it. As you ask the question you will find more and more that people will have answers.

Then, after that, after you get them thinking, you can work on “realizing” the value you identify. Making it real.