Becoming Great!- The Big Picture

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Becoming Great!- The Big Picture

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Vision is the pulling force of your organization- A well defined vision statement, with a clearly articulated Vivid Description of what the organization will be like when it arrives at this vision, are indispensable.   When The Sony Corporation declared in 1954 that it would  become the company most know for changing the worldwide image of Japanese products as being of poor quality.  This is a vision statement.

The Vivid Description paints the picture:

We will create products that become pervasive around the world …. We will be the first Japanese company to go into the American market and distribute directly . . . . We will succeed with innovations like the transistor radio that American com­panies have failed at …. fifty years from now, our brand-name will be as well known as any on Earth . . . and will signify innovation and quality that rivals the most innovative com­panies anywhere . . . . “Made in Japan” will mean something fine, not shoddy.

When I work with you, we will begin with the organizations core purpose, and core values- these two already exist, we just need to articulate them.

But over time, there will emerge a vision, and one of the best ways to get to vision, is to look at your Core Purpose and Core Values and ask:  what will this organization naturally become, as we let this purpose and these value “inform” our decision-making.

Finding the RIGHT people who align with this Core Ideology is the next key step in transformation.