Becoming Great- Retained Search

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Becoming Great- Retained Search

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Let me ask you a question.

How important is it to find and employ the RIGHT people?

When I ask this question in seminars I lead on recruiting and interviewing,  I find that to a person people in attendance say that finding the RIGHT people, especially managers and executives, are THE most important thing they can do.
This is true in marriage, in friends, in all our important relationships.
I teach and practice “selection”, not hiring and selection is the key to finding the right person.
Selection implies deliberation and a process. This is why I recommend and practice “retained search” for your managers and executive instead of contingency recruiters.
So why would a business use contigency recruiters? A contingency recruiter is a highly motivated person who competes with other highly motivated people in the same business to find people for your business. While many of them are highly competent, they have a disincentive to do all the necessary work to really match the person to the critical criteria you need to use to find the right person. In short they don’t get paid unless you hire someone they send you, so what they do, like most brokers, they work on the deals that are most likely to pay. Make sense?

And when they find someone for you, they tend to sell that person pretty hard. Remember they need to sell to make money. It’s nobody’s fault, they need to feed their family too. The way it works for you is that you get a lot of resumes` and interview many candidates, but you don’t necessarily get the RIGHT person.

With retained search for managers and executives, you get a guarantee, (three to six months free replacement), and you get a “selection” process that is deliberately designed to provide you with a person who’s work will move your company forward.
Retained search, especially one in which a “selection value stream” is employed, will be an investment from which your company and you will prosper if done well.