Becoming Great! One BIG Thing

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Becoming Great! One BIG Thing

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In the book, Good To Great, Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t, by Jim Collins, the word Hedgehog is used to describe the type of animal a company or organization should model itself after. The hedgehog you may recall focuses on ONE BIG thing. The analogy being that an organization should determine what it can be the “best in the world” at and not be like a fox and try to be the best in the world at everything or at lots of things.
I suggest that each employee, everyone who works at your company or organization, should have a similar focus regarding their job, and that their job should have a primary outcome, a main accomplishment, what I call it’s PURPOSE. If every job’s purpose is it’s primary outcome, and if that primary outcome aligns with the organization’s primary purpose, or its reason for existing, then you begin to see the opportunity for congruity and synergy. The point is that, as an organization, you want to construct an architecture that provides “linkeage” and “flow”. Let’s call it the central nervous system of the organization. If everything is aligned and connected the organism is healthy because the lines of communication are open and functioning and each part has its work to do in achieving it’s primary work.
An Example
I worked with an awards company called Crystal D, and the primary purpose there is to “Turn Emotions into Memories”. That is the focus of every employee, from design to fulfillment. They want the recipient of one of their awards to look at the award, years down the road, and “relive” the accomplishment that got them that award.

Each job in that company is aligned to that purpose. Each job has a primary outcome which is the reason their job exists. Crystal D’s growth rate and outcomes appear to support the validity of this idea.

Jeff Pelletier