Becoming Great- how I can help

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Becoming Great- how I can help

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Why can I help you? If you get right down to it, when you are emotionally tied or linked to something important like a busineess you’ve raised from an idea, or an organization you’ve assumed leadership of, it gets more and more difficult to remain objective.

How do you know when you should contact me?

  • You become “personally” invested- the organization becomes part of you and you it. Being in it and part of it and remaining detatched enough to see what really needs to be done, becomes more and more difficult.
  • Lewis’ law: (named for Jason Lewis) never underestimate your ability to rationalize. You find yourself making excuses for people, performance and results, “explaining” the undesireable performance or outcome (sales are down), so that it becomes “ok”. THAT is rationalizing and it can be destructive.
  • You become relationally involved with the people to the extent that you can’t separate chemistry from competence. (Character is easier to discern but even there you can get jaded.) You “like” a person who is under-performing and can’t make the hard decisions.
  • You become emotionally attached to a product or service and can’t think clearly about it real value.
  • You fall in love with what your company has become and you don’t want to challenge it.
  • You get so busy, you lose sight of why you do it everyday, you’ve lost your bearings, and become sidetracked from that original idea that would change the world.
  • Fatigue

One of the main services I provide for my clients is that I am constantly thinking “outside” their box. This detached and fresh look provides on-going invaluable insight to organizational and “people” problems and opportunities. And I have the capacity and the ability and the will to speak authentically and truthfully with dignity and respect. Put a price on that.
Remember- Be Purpose Driven and Vision Focused-