Becoming Great! Effectiveness

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Becoming Great! Effectiveness

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My practice is all about effectiveness.

Effectiveness is this: when a system or person or group, performs “as intended”. 

Effectiveness –  is the means to Greatness.  We can aspire to much, but you and your organization are actually capable of much, given a process designed to help you achieve effectiveness.  The most successful person or organization are those who are also highly effective. They accomplish what they intend to do.

The process we use to accomplish this is:

  • Help you identify your organization’s core purpose- intentions are all about purpose. Purpose drives strategy, tactics, product development, service definition, and points you towards identifying your vision.  Purpose replaces mission.  Missions are accomplished. Purpose is eternal.
  • Help you identify and articulate your real, actual, core values- those principles of decision-making that you already use day-to-day, and then help you articulate them in ways you can MEASURE. When we do this with your values, they become core competencies that we look for and measure with every key stakeholder.
  • We help you select people who fit three criteria: “Competence, Character and Chemistry” © – 1, Competence-they can do the job 2, Character-they share your values, and 3, Chemistry- you like them, and want to work with them. I have developed a “selection process”. Define specific expectations- All work, should be pointed at OUTCOMES- and outcomes should be the focus, the aim of all work. Great outcomes are purpose-driven. We create Outcome Based Job Descriptions ©
    Throw out your Job Descriptions and let desired Outcomes be the fuel for managing and leading people.
  • Better and better people processes- We teach the “Management Series” an Alpha-Omega skills and development paradigm of how to select, train, motivate, coach, evaluate, redirect and terminate people.
  • We help you discover your vision- If you let your purpose drive you and live your real values, there becomes, through extrapolation, a natural long-term outcome that your organization should attain.
This comprehensive approach, properly executed, as “intended” will produce effective people and an effective organization….and will help your emerging business and great product or service to become great!