Becoming Great- A leadership secret not many leaders understand

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Becoming Great- A leadership secret not many leaders understand

Becoming Great- Leadership

I used to say that “I’m working myself out of a job” as a leader and people would cock their heads and wonder what I was talking about. I mean I didn’t really want to lose my job. That’s not what it was about. It was about this:

Effective leaders become less and less necessary, over time.

If you do your job as a leader, and you equip, outfit, empower, teach, train, guide the people for whom you are responsible, they will increase in influence and you will naturally decrease. Consider leading someone up a mountain. You know the way, or you learn the way and lead them to the top successfully.

What happens, if a month later you try to take that same person up the same mountain. If they learned what you taught them the first time up and you try a repeat of the same climb, will that person be more likely or less likely to be enthusiastic about following you?

In fact, to the degree you selected the right person to lead up the mountain, they will both require, and desire less and less of your participation. They will NOT want to be led, again, not to do the same thing anyway.

Some people in leadership positions, purposely hire people who are “dependent” on them as “managers”. And sometimes these leaders do this because they are afraid to hire people who are really really great or have the potential to be so. Why are they afraid? A Million reasons. But these leaders are missing out on their own opportunity to be great.

If you focus your efforts on finding and truly equipping the RIGHT people, so that you become less and less necessary over time, you will find that what really is happening is that by empowering these people, you are empowering yourself. The synergy you will create with the RIGHT people will FAR FAR surpass anything you could even dream or imagine is possble. How great is that??!!

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