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Jeffrey Pelletier, MA, President

Leading others to Becoming Great!™

Jeff has been the Chief Effectiveness Officer of Becoming Great Enterprises, LLC since its inception in 2004. A true innovator in helping people and organizations fulfill their potential, Jeff has over 35 years of Human Resource and Bottom Line Management experience.

He was with General Mills Restaurants, Inc. for fifteen years working seven years in operations and eight years in management development. He was the international director of human resources for Sbarro, Inc. of Commack, New York, where he developed an international management training center. He was Director, Operations and Human Resources for Pannekoeken Family Restaurants, Inc. of Edina Minnesota, where he assisted in the company’s IPO, and created a training system that increased incremental sales by seven per cent, 90% to the bottom line.

The seed for Becoming Great was planted when Jeff was Chief Human Resource Executive for Bethany International, a 501c3 non-profit, as well as Bethany House Publishers, and Bethany Press, International, a book manufacturer in Bloomington, Minnesota. There he transformed the human resource function within this complex for-profit, and non-profit organization, and he facilitated the management team in the corporate transformation process found in the book “Good To Great – Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t”, by Jim Collins. Bethany Press International, a 14 million dollar book manufacturer, went from losing money to making a profit in 18 months as a result of this change in organizational focus.

The “Becoming Great” model is an extrapolation of Jeff’s analysis of the “Good to Great” study and based on the principle that an idea must succeed or fail on the merits. Jeff has produced an “organizational infrastructure” based on the Collin’s study. It has worked wonderfully in manufacturing, sales and marketing, legal organizations, so it appears that it is not limited in its application. The main reason for this is that the model is about PEOPLE, not business segment. This makes it universally applicable. It is especially effective with “emerging” organizations.

Jeff’s radio show “God’s Work in Progress” is designed to bring the ethics and morality of Christianity to this organizational model – a vital component that is critical to creating anything that will last and have enduring impact. He also leads an recurring career course called “God’s Work in Progress” which helps individuals to find and live their life’s purpose and apply that knowledge to their career formation.

Jeff has his Masters from Bethel University and Seminary, in St Paul, MN

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